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Script: Janusz Kohut, in co-operation with Andrzej Trojak
Music: Janusz Kohut
Libretto: Juliusz Wątroba
The hip-hOpera „Happy People” is a colourful and dramatic story about problems and conflicts within a contemporary family. The Father, a workaholic and a perfectionist, tries to make his juvenile dreams come true in his children. The rebellion daughter dreams about great love. The son, lost in the tangle of half-truths and the common play of pretence, escapes into the world of hip-hop music and then finally into drugs. The Father renews his old friendship with a prominent MP, a schoolmate from his primary school which results in a dramatic action acceleration. The everlasting generation gap is emphasised by the clash of elements of hip-hop and soul music with classical music.
First night of hip-hOpera took place on 4th Jun 2007 in Bielsko-Biala.
Director: Krzysztof Korwin Piotrowski
Choreography: Anna Siwczyk
Stage designe, dress', plastic-ecstatic scenes (metaphysical world): TEATR A
Artists who took parts in first night:
Mother: Joanna Kściuczyk-Jędrusik
Father: Piotr Rachocki
Politician: Czesław Gałka
Son: Tomasz Białek
Daughter Beata Dobosz
Secretary: Małgorzata Grund
Participant : Jurij Stesew
Ballet and break-dance group from Gliwice's Music Theatre: Sylwia Kubacka, Adriana Stesew, £ukasz Skowron, Tomasz Sośnik, Jurij Stesew
Performers from Theatre A from Gliwice
Choir Music Academy in Katowice – prepared by Wojciech Gwiszcz
Bielsko Chamber Orchestra directed by Piotr Baron
Janusz Kohut – piano
£ukasz Lechowski – electric gitare
Eugeniusz Kubat – bass gitare
Mariusz Szulakowski – drums
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