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Janusz Kohut

pianist and composer

"Dynamic in his performance combined with lyrical,
ethereal notes incite your imagination and take you by surprise"


Born in Poland on 24 December 1955. Graduated from the Music Department of the SIlesian University. His compositional technique was developed in the studios of Boguslaw Schaeffer and Aleksnader Lason. In 1981 commenced working with the Concert Agency of Polish Jazz Association in Warsaw, and at the same time attended post diploma studies at The Electronic Music School in Krakow under the directorship of Professor Jozef Patkowski. He was also one of the first performers to use unconventional piano-playing technigues such as "string piano" and "prepared piano". In 1986 became a member of the Music Education Society in Poland. In November 1998 Janusz Kohut composed oratorio "The Way of Hope" which was performed for the first time in "Saint Joseph the Worker" church in Oświęcim. He was awarded "Ikar 98" price by the President of Bielsko-Biala for outstanding achievements in the area of CULTURE and ARTS. First performance of his second oratorio "The Long Awaited Guest" based on the drama by Zofia Kossak, took place during the 2nd International Festival of Church Music "Sacrum in Musica". "The Long Awaited Guest" was also performed in the God's Mercy Basilica - Krakow-Lagiewniki during the visit of the Holy Father John Paul II in 2002, and in the Ascension Church - Warsaw, where it was announced to be the artistic event of 2003. Another oratorio, “Saint Peter” based on the texts of the New Testament was presented for the first time in 2004, and later in 2005 in the God's Providence Temple in Warsaw. Concert "The music of heart and reason" was performed at EXPO 2000 in Hanover over 30 times, also in Coln's cathedral - Germany, St. Peter's Square in Rome and in many other places in Poland and abroad. In October 2006, Composer took on the function of Art Director of the International Decade of the Organ, Choir and Chamber Music in Cieszyn - Poland. Janusz Kohut writes music for film, theatre, television and radio and also composes to paintings and photographs. He performs at concerts and festivals in Europe and the United States. His versatile command of various genres of music from classical to blues, jazz and contemporary... as well as dynamic performances combined with lyrical, ethereal notes which take you by surprise. From December 2006 Janusz Kohut presented his Work in concerts around Great Britain and audiences were enchanted by the originality, talent and professionalism demonstrated by this artist.

The English production of his musical "hip-hOpera Happy people" premiered in London in 2010.

Major compositions:

Burning Candle, the Life Story [Paląca się świeca, czyli historia życia] (1972)
Selfaktor, the Trolley Self-Spinner [Selfaktor czyli samoprząśnica wózkowa] (1973)
Conversation [Konwersacja] – for two pianos (1978)
Vagueness [Nieokreśloność] – string trio (1978)

People to People [Ludzie ludziom] – for mixed choir (1978)
Jazz – oboe quartet (1979)
Jazz II – oboe quartet (1979)
Bertram – for a singer and piano (1979)
Situation [Sytuacja] - for bassoon and four-channel tape (1980)
Confrontation [Konfrontacja] – for piano and any number of singers (1981)
Jumble [Kłębowisko] – for large symphonic orchestra (1981)
Seeing the Future [Widzenie przeszłości] – electronic music (1983)
Making Presence in Any Context [Zaistnienie w dowolnym kontekście] – artistic situation (1984)
References [Punkty odniesienia] - for piano (1986)
Hymn about Love [Hymn o miłości] – for a tape (l987)
Tranquil Old Age [Spokojna starość] – for piano (1995)
The Way of Hope [Droga nadziei] - oratorio (1998)
The Long-Awaited Guest [Gość oczekiwany] – the Beskida oratorio (2001)

Saint Peter [Święty Piotr] - oratorio (2004)
14 Days Underground [14 dni pod ziemią] – for a female soloist, choir and wind orchestra (2006)

Happy People [Szczęśliwi ludzie] - hip-hOpera (2007)

Discography [Recordings:

“The Imiation of Christ” [“O naśladowaniu Chrystusa”] – based on Thomas a 'Kempis’s texts
“Invitation” [“Przyjdź”] – to the selected texts of the Bible

“Music Narrations” – [“Narracje muzyczne”] – piano
“Tranquil Old Age” – [“Music in Bielsko-Biała I”] – piano

“Song for a Better Tomorrow” by Jan Tyszkiewicz – piano improvisations
“The Way of Hope” – oratorio
“Photo Art Festival 2005” – piano
“High Mountains” – [“Wysokie góry”] – piano
“Photo Art Festival 2007” – DVD piano
"The Light of the World"
[“Światłość światu”] carols piano
"Landscapes" - "Krajobrazy" - jazz quartet
"Archaic Voice" - Violetta Avitzland
"Carols" - jazz quartet
"Memoirs of Mr. A"
"6 Decade" - piano solo