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Recording Studio

AV STUDIO is a company working in the music and film market for more than 16 years. It co-operates with many outstanding musicians and singers and also with theatre and opera artists from Poland and abroad.
The AV Studio has recorded, among other things: Violetta Avitsland Karska 2 CDs, Beata Bednarz, Dominica Gaweda, Kasia Mos, Katarzyna Musial, Eva Uryga, Jacek Borusinski - "Mumio" cabaret, Joseph Broda, Gerhard Giel, Gustav Holoubek, Ireneusz Krosny - sound system for all performances, Mieczyslaw Szczesniak, Brad Thery - USA, "Furman" Group, "Beskid" "Grojcowianie" 6 CDs, Bielski Kameral Choir - 2 CDs, ATH Choir 2 CDs, Bielsko Chamber Orchestra, The Silesian Philharmonic, Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice...

Music studio offers:
  • Production of music and word recordings.
  • Digital editing, mastering.
  • Composition and arrangement of music for film, theatre and ads.
  • Sound recording and editing synchronously with picture.

Important achievements:

  • Realization orders for Polish TV S.A. and radio stations.
  • Recording radio advertising (inter alia: Dimograf, Goplana, Ford Automobil, Borcash, Dick Black, Hi-Fi Studio, Plus GSM, AQUA S.A.).
  • Recording music adn sound effects for computer games - TopWare Programms.
  • Recording files for multimedia encyclopaedias ("How it works?", "Nature's encyclopaedia" published by Optimus Pascal Multimedia S.A.).
  • Recorded and published over 85 CD's
  • Dubbed six films "GOD PROVIDES" released by Crown Financial Education - USA
  • Dubbed the films "GREAT PLAN" CHIARA BADANO Luce - Italy